Ganesh Sundaramoorthi

Ganesh Sundaramoorthi 

Principal Research Scientist
Autonomous and Intelligent Systems Department
United Technologies Research Center (UTRC)
411 Silver Lane, N130L
East Hartford, CT 06118
Email: sundarga1 ( @ )
Phone: 860-610-2572

About Me

My research lies in both theory and application of computer vision. I develop fundamental mathematical methods at the intersection of optimization, geometry, partial differential equations, and statistics for advancing computer vision.

Formely professor in Electrical Engineering and Applied Mathematics; currently venturing into industry to bring my research into products.

Recent News

  • New ArXiv technical report on discrete analysis of Accelerated PDEs

  • Paper on Accelerated PDEs on Manifolds accepted to NIPS 2018

  • My student, Naeemullah Khan, successfully defended his PhD thesis! Nice work on the interface of learning and geometry.

  • Paper on Layered Motion Models accepted to ECCV 2018

  • Invited to present at Ohio State University, AMS Sectional Meeting on Geometric Methods in Shape Analysis (March 2018)

  • Invited to present at Isaac Newton Institute, Cambridge University for workshop on Shape Analysis and Computational Anatomy (Nov 2017)

  • Invited to present seminar at Emory University (Math/CS) department (Nov 2017)

  • Invited to present at Florida State University, Workshop on Applications-Driven Geometric Functional Data Analysis (Oct 2017)

  • Paper on Learning Shape-Tailored Descriptors accepted at CVPR 2018

  • Paper on Minimal Surfaces with Topology accepted at TPAMI (to appear 2018)

  • My student, Marei Algarni, successfully defended his PhD thesis! Nice insights from computational topology for 3D surface segmentation.

  • Invited to serve as Area Chair for CVPR 2018